Meal Plan 4 Times a Year

90 Nights of Dinners, 35 Ingredients. Cook for 3 days, take 3 days off!

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Take my Capsule Pantry Checklist & Planner! It’ll jump start your meal planning journey and show you how to meal plan only 4 times a year!…

What is a Capsule Pantry?

  1. Gather Recipes
  2. Build your foundation of 35 Ingredients
  3. Add Accompaniments
  4. Create a Master Meal Plan
  5. Implement

Dinner Made Without the Dreaded Question!

… what’s for dinner? Most people don’t meal plan or stick to meal planning because they go about it wrong. Who has time to sit down Every. Single. Week?

Not me (or you.. let’s be honest!) Meal planning once every 90 days with the change of the seasons IS the solution. PLUS, you can cook for 3 days, then take 3 days “off” and just reheat leftovers! Um, yes!

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I’m Elisa. I help busy mamas create a Capsule Pantry™ so they can enjoy dinner time again and not waste money on lots of different ingredients!

Here are a few of my favorite things

Freezer Bag Holder

Perfect for freezer meal prep without the mess!

Slow Cooker On Steriods

Slow cooker, food warmer, sauté, steamer, Dutch oven, roasting pan, bread maker..

Vegetable Chopper

Seriously.. the BEST for quick prep work and let’s you make extra!

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