Whole30 Recipes Even Picky Eaters Would Love!

If you’re doing the Whole30 and afraid you can’t find recipes for the whole family, I’ve got you covered! Enjoy these easy Whole30 recipes for kids (even if they’re picky eaters!).

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There are so many delicious Whole30 recipes out there, but I’ve found some especially easy and kid-friendly ones for you. I also love the original Whole30 cookbook and the new Day by Day guide – it’s really helpful!

Easy Whole30 Recipes for Kids:

Paleo Skillet Beef Fajitas

by A Healthy Life For Me

I would absolutely die if I ever ate that many jalapeños but I have the spice tolerance of a toddler. Even black pepper is spicy to me (not kidding!). Buuuuuttttttt, the rest of this looks absolutely delicious and so easy in one pan!

Low Carb Crack Slaw Egg Roll In A Bowl

by Wholesome Yum

I’ve been dying to try an Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe and I love every recipe I’ve ever tried from Maya over at Wholesome Yum so I think this one is going on my next meal plan!

Sheet Pan Chicken with Sweet Potatoes Apples and Brussels Sprouts

by Well Plated

Y’all know I’m a huge sheet pan recipe fan – they save so much time and clean up and that’s a win/win for this busy mama! Do yourself a favor and get two of these pans and make it a point to find some good sheet pan recipes (after you try this one, of course!).

Chinese Shrimp And Green Beans In Garlic Sauce

by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Shrimp and green beans are such a classic combo, but it’s because they work! But I like the addition of a Chinese garlic sauce, yum!

Paleo Whole 30 Mexican Turkey Burgers

by Tastes Lovely

These turkey burgers are no bland burgers, my friend! They are full of flavor on the inside, and I love using butter bibb lettuce as wraps (or you can roast thick sweet potato slices for “buns” – also delicious!). They also freeze well so add these to your Freezer Meal plan asap!

Paleo (Bean Free) Chili

by Bakerita

This makes a giant pot of chili so it’s perfect if you’re meal prepping or just freeze some in individual containers if you want to save some for a rainy day lunch.

Paleo Singapore Street Noodles

by Noshtastic

I love that this recipe uses zoodles, or zucchini noodles. I love my spiralizer, it’s so much cheaper than buying the pre-spiralized (is that a word???) ones at the grocery store!


Sausage Potato Whole30 Breakfast Lasagna

by Paleo Gluten Free

Did you know there’s such a thing as a white sweet potato??? My mind was blown when I found out! I also like trying new veggies at home for the kids – white sweet potato, purple cauliflower, it keeps eating veggies fun!

Whole30 Taco Salad

by A Saucy Kitchen

You really can’t go wrong with a taco salad made of spicy and flavorful meat, especially if there’s guacamole involved (which there is, it’s just not in this picture)!

Paleo Slow Cooker Beef Teriyaki

by Evolving Table

I can’t tell you how many times my slow cooker has saved my butt! And I especially love recipes that don’t involve pre-cooking, like this one. I get my coconut aminos at Thrive Market but you can usually find it at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Amazon.

Easy Whole30 Dinners even picky eaters would love

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