Meal Plan only 4 times per year!

Yeah, you heard that right. The Capsule Pantry is the same step-by-step method that allows me to meal plan only 4 times per year.


…having a set number of ingredients in your kitchen

…that you mix + match

…to create your favorite meals.

You use that plan for a month. Then the next month. And the next month.

Then you switch it up (it’s probably a new season by then anyway!).

first, download this FREE Capsule Pantry™ Checklist & Planner:

Download our free Capsule Pantry™ Checklist & Planner

it’s time to simplify…

One master list of ingredients makes your life so simple! You mix and match the ingredients to make the meals your family loves.

You have one master meal plan that has all the recipes you want to make with your mix + match ingredients. Plus you can easily switch it up!

Rotating the meals from your master meal plan thorough an entire season is the perfect blend of variety + predictability.

start here…

How to Meal Plan only 4 times per year

The Capsule Pantry: a Faster, Easier way to Meal Plan

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Learn exactly how to create a Capsule Pantry for your own kitchen – based on the things your family already loves!

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