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Get dinner on the table without losing your mind.

As a busy mom, you can totally be in control of your family's dinners ...without planning every week, being a good cook, or eating the same things over and over!

Stop wasting hours meal planning and grocery shopping every week (time is money!) with my 35-ingredient meal rotation system.

Take back your time and enjoy family dinners again! Learn my Capsule Pantry™ method to do MORE with LESS.

Are you sick of creating a meal plan every week that doesn't work?

It's not your fault.

I know you've been told that weekly meal planning is the way to meal plan, but is it really?

And does it actually save you any time?

I know you've tried all the tricks to find the solution - from crockpot freezer meals to extreme couponing.

You've even tried pre-done meal plans and those meal delivery services.

But they just don't work for you and you still end up stressed out at dinnertime.  

Fortunately, there's a simpler way.


A Capsule Pantry™ is a collection of essential food ingredients that your family loves and are interchangeable to maximize the number of dinners that can be created.

I know, I know... it sounds counter-intuitive. How can you make more dinners with fewer ingredients???

It's the power of minimalism in the kitchen!

It's just like walking into your closet full of clothes and saying "I have nothing to wear".

The fewer clothes you have, the easier it is to put an outfit together, right?

It's the same in the kitchen. Let me show you...

Yes, I need this!

I love the capsule pantry plan (just like the wardrobe!) - 35 dinners and 35 ingredients with foods that I can use for multiple meals instead of a thousand spices and ingredients.

— Nicole

My kids are picky when it comes to meals and this helps a lot! I am planning more and being puzzled on meals less!!

— Connie

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  • Make Ahead Breakfast & Lunches value $49
  • Capsule Pantry Trello System value $49
  • Picky Eaters Capsule Meal Plan value $29
  • Fire up your Learning Framework value $99
  • S.M.A.R.T. Shopper Strategy value $49
  • Jump Start Meal Plan value $29

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  • Daily Dinner Blueprint™ value $59
  • Ultimate Theme Nights Recipe List Bundle value $39
  • Group coaching calls value $499
  • Facebook group value $249


Meal plan less. Grocery shop less. Have more time.

It’s the same step-by-step method that allows me to meal plan only 4 times per year!

Meet the bonuses...

Capsule Pantry Trello System

7 Simple Trello boards that will organize all your Capsule Pantry planning in one place. Steal my templates and have all your capsule ingredients, meal plan, and grocery shopping at your fingertips.

Picky Eaters Capsule Meal Plan

Want to have a Capsule Pantry plan already done for you? This simple chicken breast and ground beef plan makes 35 dinners from mixing and matching just 35 picky-eater-approved ingredients! You can use this to jump start your Capsule or as a backup when you need one.

Make Ahead Breakfast & Lunches

Get an easy to follow, step by step guide of exactly what to make for breakfast & lunch for 30 days with minimal cooking. Make ahead once or twice and feed them kiddos all week!

S.M.A.R.T. Shopper Strategy

If you want to stretch your grocery budget, this checklist of all the things you can start, eliminate, or replace will do it for you. Doing these things automatically is how I save $250+ each month on groceries!

The Jump Start Meal Plan

You're going to need to feed your family while you're learning this new method, right? Here's exactly how to make a quick plan (with theme nights, recipe ideas, and a video lesson) while you're learning the Capsule Pantry™ method.

Fire up your Learning Framework

A simple video lesson and Trello board (from Cara at A Purpose Driven Mom!) that will help you create a learning plan. Break down the modules of The Capsule Pantry Blueprint e-course modules and lessons into easy-to-digest 15-minute chunks that you can do at any time as a busy mom!


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CAPSULE PANTRY BLUEPRINT LIVE is a HYBRID program that mixes the Capsule Pantry Blueprint self-study program with the accountability of a group coaching program.

It's the Capsule Pantry Blueprint program + LIVE coaching with me!

If you've ever struggled to finish a course, or the idea of making a long-term meal plan is completely overwhelming, or are simply looking for more support... 👉🏼 this is the place for you.

We're going to FINISH your 4th quarter's meal plan so you can hit the ground running on November 1st!


Every week I'll assign you modules and homework from the Capsule Pantry Blueprint program (INCLUDED!).

Then we'll meet on a call once a week as a group so you can ask questions, finish the homework, get recipe help, etc.

We'll even have a CHECK-IN call two weeks in!

AND there is a private Facebook community! (NOT included in the regular program).

You'll finish the program AND your meal plan by the end of the month!


We start NEXT WEEK! Our first call will be Tuesday, October 10th and we'll meet every week in October to go through the exercises together. Then, after you've implemented it for 2 weeks, we'll have a check-in call in November!

Let's make your next quarter's Capsule meal plan together! Are you in???

UPGRADE to 🎉 LIVE and get these Bonuses too...

Daily Dinner Blueprint

Introducing my SIMPLE annual meal planning calendar that uses ingredients you have, and then gives you a “blueprint” for mixing and matching them to come up with different dinner ideas.

Ultimate Theme Nights

700+ recipes organized by theme night!
Use this set of 4 Theme Night recipe lists to get dinner on the table quickly and effortlessly! Each list has 25+ theme nights and the kid-friendly recipes to match. There are links to each recipe, and a worksheet to jot down your favorites!

Community Facebook Group

$249 VALUE
Get your questions answered, get some accountability, and make new friends in the Capsule Pantry Blueprint LIVE community group! You'll also have lifetime access which means you'll always have access to the trainings!


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Join the Capsule Pantry Blueprint and start simplifying your meal planning and day-to-day life!

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  • Everything in the Capsule Pantry Blueprint self-study
  • Four Weekly coaching calls with the founder!
  • Weekly homework to stay on track!
  • Keep all the replays!
  • Exclusive worksheets and templates designed to maximize your learning!
  • Runs from October 3rd - 24th
  • Group check-in on Nov 14th
  • Lifetime access to the trainings and calls!
  • All the self-study bonuses + live bonuses
  • BONUS: Exclusive VIP only course community!
  • BONUS: Daily Dinner Blueprint! ($59 value)
  • BONUS: Ultimate Theme Nights Bundle! ($39 value)
  • Starts October 3rd!
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Dinner Infinity Playbook ($59 value)


$197 / two monthly payments




  • Video lessons walking you through each step of the system
  • Worksheets and templates designed to maximize your learning
  • Valuable shortcuts to speed up your results 
  • Lifetime access
  • Starts NOW!
  • All the bonuses!


$197 / one time

Payment Plan available


What others are saying about the Capsule Pantry...

STOP the Dinner Cycle of Death.

You sit down to meal plan and ask "what's for dinner this week?" …

…You get out your blank calendar, look through the fridge. Overwhelmed at all the stuff that needs to be thrown out....

…but you put some ideas on your plan or start scrolling Pinterest looking for new ideas...

… then you make your list and go grocery shopping, unload it all, prep what you can…

…so you order takeout or make something you always make...

…but then one night your child doesn’t want what’s on the plan or you forget to defrost the chicken ...

… so you order takeout or make something you always make and the meal plan is out the window...

...and you're back at "what's for dinner this week?..."

Stop the cycle. Join the Capsule Pantry Blueprint!

However, this step by step course to creating a faster, easier meal plan is NOT for everyone.

But I will tell you who it IS for…

IT IS for moms who think minimalism can be useful in some (but maybe not all) areas of their life.

IT IS for women who have limited space in their kitchen and don’t need a pantry full of food.

IT IS for women who want their minimalistic lifestyle to expand into the kitchen and meal time.

IT IS for moms who don’t want to be overwhelmed with options and aren’t trying to keep up with the Pinterest-Perfect moms.

IT IS for women who are sick of throwing away money with wasted food and want to be more environmentally conscious.

Women like...

Wouldn't you rather spend a fun day with your family...

...than create a meal plan, a long grocery list, and spend hours at the grocery store every week?

I used to spend hours creating the perfect meal plan…just to have to re-do it again the following week.

And the next week.

And the next week.

It drove me nuts and the cycle seemed endless.

Like laundry (which also drives me nuts!)

And that, my friend, is why I created a new way to meal plan.

I realized I was just doing it all on Sunday instead of spreading it out during the week. I wasn't actually saving myself any time!

So I’ve spent years researching, trying, researching some more, and tweaking. I finally have peace and balance in my meal planning routine and I want you to have that too.

This is why I created the Capsule Pantry method.

p.s.... Before I was a work-at-home single mom, I was a working-full-time single mom in a high-stress job. If I can do it, you can too!

Here's what's inside the Capsule Pantry Blueprint...


psst... stop putting a bandaid on a broken system!

You don't need more recipes. You need a better system.

Last chance... are you ready to finally stop meal planning every week?


And I'll leave you with these final testimonials...






Who is the best fit for the Capsule Pantry Blueprint? 

This program is the best fit for 3 types of people. If you are the type of mom that…

1. ...has picky eaters, kids with food allergies or sensitivities, or are dealing with special diets.

2. ...just doesn’t have time and you’re sick and tired of the daily hamster wheel of dinnertime. 

3. ...has limited space in your kitchen and don’t need your pantry to look like a full service grocery store.

Most importantly, it’s for moms who don’t want to be overwhelmed with options and aren’t trying to keep up with the Pinterest-Perfect moms.

What if it doesn’t work for my family?

First, I have to say if you do the work and it doesn’t work, it’s on me and I’ll make it right. Or if you get in, look around, and decide it's not for you, there's a 7 day no-questions-asked refund policy. Email my team at and they’ll handle it for you. 

But...if you don't try it and you don’t do the work - well then there’s no way it can work, right?

Second, if you have a unique family - food allergies or sensitivities, special diets, picky eaters - this IS for you. Remember, I created this method because I had two very different kids at very different stages - one was a picky tween and the other was a baby with severe food allergies and sensitivities. When you focus on the common foods that everyone can eat and start there, you create a custom plan specifically for your family. And you don’t make multiple dinners!

How much time will it take me to complete and see results?

The lessons are short and sweet and the time it takes you to do the exercises is up to you. You do not have to go through the entire course to see results - some of the later modules and lessons are there to help you review at the end of your quarter.

I’ve had some students take it, make decisions quickly, and run with it after a couple of days of working on the course.

How much money will I save doing this?

There is no magic number, and I would never promise something like “do this and feed your family for $30/week!” Honestly, I cannot stand that mentality. Your food bill is (and should be!) your second highest bill in your budget. Choosing simplicity, mental health, and physical health over saving money is always a good decision.

Now I will say that a great side-effect of this program is saving money because you’re choosing to be very intentional with what you buy, and you’re making sure you use it. And I imagine having a complete back-up plan will prevent you from ordering takeout or drive-thru last minute!

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

Yes, of course! This isn’t brain surgery, it’s meal planning! It’s just going to cost you time. You get to decide what your time is worth and what you want to spend your time doing. Also consider how much you LIKE doing those things. If you love cooking and planning and perusing cookbooks for new recipes, maybe this course isn’t for you. But if you don’t like doing those things (and you’re not going to hire a personal chef, ha) then this method will let you still get dinner on the table but create time freedom for you to do the things you DO want to spend your time on. 

For example, if given the choice between hiring someone to do my laundry or clean my house - I’m going to choose clean my house because I hate it more than laundry.

Each day you postpone signing up for this program is another day you miss out on having fun with your family. Having that easy evening where dinner gets made, clean up gets done, and you can do something together. Instead of waiting for bedtime so you can have a glass of wine!

What happens when I sign up?

You’ll get access immediately and you'll also get a welcome email a few minutes later that will give you the link to the course again (through your MemberVault portal). You’ll find that the course itself, the bonuses, and any trainings, will all be there in your specific portal. 

What happens if I fall behind?

Life happens! But I encourage you to not try and make your meal plan or your learning this system perfect. Trying to make it perfect the first time around is NOT going to serve you.

Make it quick & dirty and then at the end of the quarter you can review what worked and what didn’t and use that knowledge to create your second capsule.

Remember, you have lifetime access to this material so if you do get stuck, you can always go back to that specific part and have a re-do!