Lately I’ve been perusing Pinterest for kid-friendly gluten free dinners because my three year old has been getting pickier and pickier (can you relate???). I still want him to get variety with his foods so I chose these dinners because I think they’re mainly kid-friendly with maybe a couple of tastes that will be new to him.

This one goes out to all the moms of picky eaters.

I like to say that in my head like Tina Fey in Baby Mama when she yelled “this one is for the ladies!” in the middle of a dance club – but she played Lady in Red, the slowest jam possible. Ha! Amy Pohler tries to help her girl out but it she just couldn’t make it cool. Ohmagosh, sooooo funny. Okay, I might be dating myself with that one.

I digress.

Okay, go make these yummy dinners but before you do, print out the meal plan that’s all made-up-fancy with a grocery list for ya.

You’re welcome.

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We’ve been doing a fun little thing when eating asparagus lately which makes my son love it – we stand them up, pretend they’re trees, and bite their leaves off all at once. I know, it’s super silly and really not that creative but he loves it and wants to eat asparagus because of it so I’m all for it! This recipe has plenty of it, and it’s all in one pot – so really what could be better???


I love the cozy, yummy flavors in this soup and that it’s made in the crockpot! You can substitute ground beef for the Italian sausage if your family doesn’t like sausage but the flavors just won’t be the same without it! This soup is both filling and light at the same time and super kid-friendly because of the potato.


Do you love Chinese food as much as I do? It’s one of my favorites but I don’t love ordering it as take-out because I feel like there’s so much sodium and msg in it (I could be wrong – that’s just what’s in my head). I’m glad I finally found a delicious recipe that is quick enough for a weeknight. Oh, and if you don’t do soy just substitute coconut aminos!


I have a similar recipe I make in the crockpot but I like this version because 1 – it’s vegetarian and every once in a while I like to have some meatless dinner options and 2 – it’s really quick to make on the stove during the week and 3 – it’s a great use for leftover quinoa. I don’t know what it is about quinoa or rice but I never get the amounts right – I either make too little or waaaaaayyyyy too much! Anyhoo, I’m excited to try this quick meatless dinner (piled high with avocado, of course!).


This is perfect with a capital P for this meal plan because there are so many vegetables you can add to this. This is one of those “everything but the kitchen sink” meals but it certainly doesn’t taste like it because of the addition of the fresh herbs. Half a dozen eggs + whatever cooked veggies you already have = a super quick and easy dinner!


As soon as I saw this one, I thought how popular this would be in my house – my oldest son is OBSESSED with anything CBR (chicken-bacon-ranch, if you didn’t know). I’m thinking it will be popular in your house too…who doesn’t love that combo? I’m not a fan of bottled ranch dressings but there’s a link for a homemade ranch dressing that looks amazingly easy and delicious!


I’m a huge fan of quick chilis and soups on the stovetop, especially on a crisp fall day! I like that there is hominy in this (it can be found either by the beans or by the canned corn) because it’s something that’s a little different and as you know, I like to make sure my kids have a little variety here and there. This is also the perfect addition to your rescue meal plan, as long as you keep some chicken in the freezer, because the rest is in the pantry!

So which one (or two… or all seven…) of these are going on your meal plan for the week? Don’t forget, download the meal plan and grocery list that has these recipes on it!