Here they are. My favorite, most helpful, absolutely free meal planning templates ever! Every one of these is designed to help you get dinner on the table faster, organize your kitchen easier, or just simply give you ideas so you can stress less about dinner.

It’s no secret how much I love planning (obviously, since this blog is all about meal planning, ha!) but did you know I also love to create free  meal planner printables? Yep, I love to design things (this website included) in my spare time. But when you mix planning + designing printables = oh, my heart goes pitter patter!

I hope you love them as much as I do! And you can download these individually by going to the links below, or you can join the Freebie Library and get access to all of them – plus more!

1 Dinner Theme Night Ideas List

It’s no surprise I love to use Theme Nights in my meal planning routines. I think they’re the fastest way to get a meal plan done AND one that you’ll actually stick to!

GET IT HERE: 42 Amazing Theme Night Meal Ideas






2 Free Weekly Meal Planner

If you just plan dinners and not all meals, this is a super simple dinner planner you can use to get the job done! Laminate it or put it in a page protector and you can use it over and over again. (PS – there are more free weekly meal planners in the Freebies Library!)

GET IT HERE: Super Simple Meal Planning for Beginners





3 Capsule Pantry Checklist

The Capsule Pantry is a method to keeping things simple and only having to meal plan 4 times per year! (yes, you read that right!) It’s less ingredients but more options, and I absolutely love it for keeping my sanity and not over-thinking dinner.

GET IT HERE: How to Meal Plan only 4 Times per Year





4 School Lunch Planner Printable

My kindergartner and I do this cute plan together every two weeks – he chooses ideas for every category of foods he loves and he eats every last bit of his school lunches! My stance on lunches is that he can eat what he wants – we add variety and try new things at dinner.

GET IT HERE: How to Plan School Lunches with this Simple Trick




You can get your hands on all these printables (plus more!) in the Freebies Library:

5 Freezer Meals Checklist

It’s no secret that freezer meals is a great way to save some time in the kitchen – I personally love the “dump & go” crockpot style freezer meals the best. This is a quick and easy checklist that will help you maximize your time when making them!

GET IT HERE: How to Make Freezer Meals in a Snap with these 4 Simple Steps





6 Freezer Meal Planner Printable

Once you have some freezer meals made, how do you keep track of them so they don’t turn into a tiny Yeti in the back of the freezer? With this planner, of course! 😉 It also helps you note any ingredients you may need to add on cooking day – to make sure no one eats them so you’re not left empty-handed!).

GET IT HERE: 10 Easy & Healthy Freezer Meals that your Kids will Devour!





7 Free Healthy Meal Planning Template

This planner was made because my bestest BFF ever (we’ve actually been friends since kindergarten!) wanted a way to plan meals but also keep track of Weight Watcher points. So I made her this planner – which works equally well if you’re tracking carbs, macros, calories, whatever.

GET IT HERE: Family Hates Your New Diet? Try these 5 things.





8 Rescue Meal Planner Printable

What on earth are rescue meals, you ask? Those are those “break (pantry) glass in case of emergency” type of meals! You know – you forgot all about dinner, or someone ate the chicken you were going to use, or plans got cancelled – whatever. It’s the PERFECT backup plan! Take this free meal planner printable and put it on the inside of your pantry door and you’ll never have to order pizza last minute again!

GET IT HERE: Creating the Perfect Dinner Backup Plan





9 Kitchen Inventory Printable

There is nothing better than an organized kitchen! Ok, that might be an exaggeration but seriously… You’ll save so much time and money by making sure your pantry, fridge, and freezer are cleaned out and organized! Print this helpful sheet 3 times, laminate it, and keep everything where it should be!

GET IT HERE: 10 Healthy Pantry Staples You Should Always Have on Hand



Don’t forget you can get all of these free meal planning templates – plus more! – in the Freebies Library! Everything in there is completely free to help you get your meal planning in order and get dinner on the table FAST!

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