Here are my favorite and best online grocery shopping websites, and I’ve included some coupon codes when I found them. (PS – most of the coupon codes are for first-time users but double-check just in case!)

My favorite, best online grocery stores, in order:

1 Thrive Market

My hands-down favorite place to order non-perishables from is Thrive Market. They’re like Costco-meets-Whole Foods and their prices are unbelievable! And their shipping is quite fast. They are in California, I am in New York, and I get my boxes within 2-3 days tops.

coupon: 25% off + free shipping

2 Walmart Grocery

If you have a Walmart Grocery near you (not the same as a regular Walmart – check your zip code here) definitely take advantage!

coupon: $10 credit for new customers 

3 Target Drive Up

Yay! Target now offers to drive up grocery pickup service in some areas (check your area now). I love their Simply Balanced line of organic products!

coupon: I haven’t found any coupons for this yet, but if I do they’ll be linked here

You can get these printable grocery lists at the bottom of this post 🙂

More of the best online grocery shopping websites:

4 Imperfect Foods

It’s mostly known for the CSA-style boxes of “imperfect” produce but they also have meat, snacks, and grain boxes too. I love Imperfect Foods because once you choose your box for the week, you can see exactly what’s in it and change things up. They deliver once a week and you can choose different sized boxes, and switch between regular and organic!

coupon: $10 coupon for new customers 

5 Misfits Market

Like Imperfect Foods, you get a regular delivery of a box of produce. I love Misfits Market because they take the “rejected” produce that grocery stores and restaurants don’t want because it’s not “perfect” and fill a box and send it right to us. Plus it’s all organic. They deliver once a week on a day you choose, and there are two different sized boxes. I’m ordering my first box this week so I’ll update this post when I get it!

coupon: none right now

6 Your local grocery store

Most local grocers are offering online ordering and you either pick them up or they deliver. There’s sometimes a few dollars fee (still worth it in my opinion because you would probably spend at least that if you went into the store, especially with kids!)

Popular grocery stores that offer online ordering as of this printing:

Peapod / Stop and Shop / Giant
Whole Foods is available through Amazon PrimeNow or Instacart.

7 Aldi (through Instacart)

I love shopping at Aldi and although they don’t have their own delivery system, you can get your grocery shopping done online through Instacart. Their great prices are the same, and there’s small delivery fee but if you sign up for Instacart they’ll email you coupons pretty often!

Don’t forget that Instacart will deliver from all kinds of stores that are local to you (even pharmacies or dog food!).

8 When all else fails, there’s always Amazon!

I know Amazon is probably the last place you look for groceries but they do have some good options – just make sure you price check! Oh, and you have to be a Prime member so do that first (if you have an EBT card, you can get a cheaper version of Prime here).

Amazon Fresh – order fresh produce and meat right to your door. Check your zip code here to see if they deliver to you!

Amazon Prime Pantry – fill a box and pay a minimal shipping, I always find great prices!

9 Oooh and don’t forget to check Ebates!

If you’re shopping online, always check Ebates to see if there are any rebates for that particular store. And you MUST add the Google Chrome extension – it’s tremendously helpful at reminding me to use it – I always forget!

So, what do you think? Could you grocery shop less or shop online? What’s your grocery pitfall right now? Don’t forget to download the entire set of Grocery Lists here…

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