I’m tired of spending so much money on takeout! You too? Good, let’s add these easy homemade pizza recipes to our meal plan and save some serious dough (see what I did there???)!

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Reasons to make homemade pizza? Um, everything.

It’s cheaper. it’s delicious. it’s a way to get rid of leftovers. it’s fun. Need I go on?

But, seriously. Making pizza at home is definitely budget-friendly.

Did you know that the average takeout large pizza in the US costs $14 but you can make it at home for $2.36 (this article outlines how, and I will add that there are definitely ways to make that even less).

This means if you have ONE pizza every Friday night, you’ll spend $728 on pizza. But if you made it yourself, it would only be $123. That’s a savings of over $600 – what could you do with an extra $600???

So, if I were you, I’d add a Family Fun Night or Funday Monday to your meal planning theme nights, and add these recipes to your meal plan 🙂

Taco Pizza

by Spoonful Of Flavor

Taco Pizza?!? Yum! You could add this to your Taco Tuesday meal plan or even Fun Friday for pizza night! You know how much I equally love theme nights and tacos, right???


Flatbread Fajitas Pizza

by Kleinworth And Co.

I don’t normally like meat on my pizza but I do love steak fajitas so I might just have to try this one!


Meatball Pizza Recipe

by Taste And Tell

Ok, I know I said I don’t normally like meat on my pizza but meatballs are literally the only exception. One of my favorites to order is meatball and onion so…. (running off to make this right now!) 😉


Mini No-Knead Pizza Bites

by I Am A Food Blog

Oh how I love mini-anything! I think my kindergartner, Thor, would absolutely love these because he could add whatever toppings he wanted and make a big mess and I wouldn’t care so much because these are so cute.


Easy Homemade French Bread Pizza

by Yellow Bliss Road

I love french bread pizza because it’s so darn easy! No making dough, or buying dough, or letting the dough rise… Just buy a loaf of already made french bread and load it up! This has the perfect ratio of toppings though, so follow her instructions!


Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

by Mom Endeavors

Mmmm. That’s all I’m going to say about this.

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White Pizza

by Table For Two

I would have loved this when I was a kid – did I ever tell you how I hated spaghetti sauce (or gravy…) as a kid? I used to scrape the cheese and sauce off of pizza and just eat the bread. And my dad would cringe! LOL


Easy BBQ Chicken Skillet Pizza

By Season And Suppers

I’ve really been into all things BBQ lately and this pizza is no exception. I love that it’s made in a cast-iron skillet – so easy!


Rainbow Vegetable Pizza

by Like Mother Like Daughter

My Thor is obsessed with all things rainbow right now and I think he might even try this. I’ve learned that this kid definitely eats with his eyes and will eat “pretty” things even though it might be something he normally wouldn’t try. It’s worth a shot because I love all the veggies on my pizza!

Easy Waffled Pizza Pockets

by Lovely Little Kitchen

These are adorable, and perfect for Waffle Wednesday! If you don’t have a waffle iron, here is the BEST one! Or just make them quesadilla-style!


Thai Curry Chicken Naan Pizzas

by Sweet Peas And Saffron

So just last week I went out for Thai food with my friend (we were celebrating our birthdays which are only a few weeks apart) and I had a chicken dish with peppers and carrots – and here it is on a pizza! Love it! And naan makes a super easy pizza crust when you’re short on time!


Easy Margherita Pizza

by Life Made Sweeter

Oh this is the perfect beginning-of-fall or end-of-summer pizza when you have a ton of tomatoes and basil from the garden! This one looks deliciously easy too 🙂


Supreme Cauliflower Crust Pizza

by How Sweet Eats

Have you tried cauliflower crust yet? I haven’t and I almost feel guilty telling you that because I do like to stay gluten-free and I’ve heard such good things! Ok, ok, I am going to have to try it – starting with this supreme pizza because I love all the veggies on this one!

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